Economic Crisis Due to Corona in Whole World

Everyone now knows about Corona and its effects it suddenly starts from China and spread in whole world. Up-to 23rd March 2020 the total deaths due to Corona it approx. 14757 (Fourteen thousand seven hundred and fifty-seven only) in whole world it’s a very big number because Corona is a flu but it spreads very fast and multiply with touching.

Mostly countries decided to lockdown the places because right now this is the only solution as social distancing is the best solution. Right now, no vaccination for corona.

Due to Corona mostly businesses affected the list of the businesses who are affected are given below:


S No. Industry Loss Per Day ($ Billion USD)
01 Airlines $ 2.29 Billion USD
02 Hotels $ 1.64 Billion USD
03 Railway $ 1.30 Billion USD
04 Travel Agents $ 1.25 Billion USD
05 Tour Operators $ 2.75 Billion USD
06 Non-Veg Business $ 2.00 Billion USD
07 E-Commerce $ 2.75 Billion USD
08 Petroleum $ 2.50 Billion USD
09 Marketing $ 2.75 Billion USD
  Total $ 19.23 Billion USD

Approx. $ 20 Billion USD loss per day this world is facing today due to corona and it this continue for 6 months than it is $ 600 Billion USD per month and in 6 months it will be $ 3600 Billion USD.


The world economy will back in past 10 years because the loss of $ 3600 Billion USD is not a small amount. If we will convert $ 3600 Billion USD in INR than it will be Rs 2,70,00,000 Crore INR. So now we need to prepare ourselves for other web-based businesses.

Now only web-based businesses will sustain in near future.

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