Amit Sharma Got His 5th World Record from India Book of Records

Amit Sharma got his 5th World Record from India Book of Records for developing world’s largest static website. On 22nd July 2019 India Book of Records verified and announced his record not it is available in India Book of Records website in this url:


Mr. Amit Sharma developed his largest static website which consists of 318460567 unique pages / urls (31 Crore 84 lakh 60 thousand 567 pages). is almost 8 times bigger than Wikipedia which very few people know in this world.

Mr. Amit Sharma made a unique formula by which he can develop billion of web pages with unique content. This is the usp of Mr. Amit Sharma so that people from around the world contacting Mr. Amit Sharma for big web-based projects because he can develop in minimum duration. If other companies will take 5 Years for development than Mr. Amit Sharma will develop the same thing in just few days.