Amit Sharma Got Limca Book of Records 2019 for creating world’s largest static website

Amit Sharma from Delhi, India got Limca Book of Records 2019. He has created world’s largest static website which consists of approx 31 crore 84 lac 60 thousand 567 pages and size of the website is approx 5 TB. He made this huge website only in 23 days and uploading took approx 4 months due to its volume.


Mr. Amit Sharma has created a formula by which he can make any big website in very small time, this is a unique code made by Mr. Amit Sharma, in an interview he said he can make 1 Billion pages website only in 60 days and all pages having unique content. The benefit of big website is that you don’t need to spend on advertising. Without doing any advertising monthly earning is more than Rs 2 Crore INR which is equal to $ 285714 USD.

All urls of the website is connected well with each other there is no break in whole website. This website is useful for travelers who do not want to compare each travel website individually, showing comparison easily and in your own currency.

Limca Book of Records team took almost 1 year in verification and when 100% satisfied than given this World Record to Mr. Amit Sharma. You can buy paperback edition of Limca Book of Records 2019 and view its record it is available on page no. 196 and this is a big achievement for India too.

Limca Book of Records 2019

Amit Sharma got Limca Book of Records 2019

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