Amit Sharma Got World Record For – Largest Static Website Made By An Individual

Mr. Amit Sharma made world record for developing ‘Largest Static Website Made By An Individual’ International Book of Records given WORLD RECORD to Mr.Amit Sharma after doing all verification regarding the website he made this website individually in 23 days only and uploading of the website took 4 months. This website having approx 32 crores of pages and the size of the website is approx 5 TB. This is really a unbelievable world record because for an individual it is very difficult to make such website and manage the website, there is no broken link in the website every page is well connected with each other. is the world’s largest static website it is travel website which connects every city with every city of the world and making million of air routes which are available in this website, every page consists of the more than 700 words of the article according to the city or route of the flights.

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What is the benefit of the big website ?

If you have seen some big websites such as Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, Wikipedia etc all are the big websites and doing great business all are having more than 100 million pages. is the boss of every website it is having approx 319 million pages. Big websites having lots of content and search engines looking for content only so big websites getting huge traffic from search engines only.

Now what is static website and what is dynamic website ?

Static websites are those website whose content not coming from database it is simply written and upload in the server. On other hand dynamic website are those website whose content coming from the databases such as SQL Server, My Sql, MS-Access, Oracle etc.

The benefit of the static website is that in any case database is not working or corrupt than your business will not stopped at all. Because in now days hackers looking for databases only and within 5 minutes database content can be hacked or put some unusual code in the database by SQL Injection. Sql Injection is the very easy method to corrupt any database.

From security point of view static website is more safer than dynamic website.

How safe is ? is the most safest website of the world because every page of the website in not directly exposed it is available in the directories only and all the directories available in the root folder so even if you know the FTP credentials you can’t enter into the website as the size of the website is approx 5 TB. So when you can’t enter into the website you can’t do any hacking so this is the safest website of the world because there is no database used for this website.

It is running in dedicated server with high configurations so it is working very fast and smoothly.

What is the valuation of ?

If we calculate the development cost of the website than it is very huge as it contains exactly 318460567 static pages and each page consists of the more than 700 words of article. So the minimum cost of the one page is approx Rs 500/- INR.

318460567 x Rs 500 = Rs 159230283500 = Rs 15923 crore.

If we calculate in US Dollars than it will be approx $ 2.32 Billion USD.

What’s the daily earnings of the website ?

Currently as on 19th Sep 2018 the daily earnings of the website is more than Rs 1 lakh INR per day. So it is more than Rs 30 lakh INR per month. So being a single person running this website it is great achievement of Mr. Amit Sharma.

What’s the next innovation by Mr. Amit Sharma ?

Within next 2 years he will develop hands free booking of flights tickets and hotel bookings he will make an App and website too by which old people who do not want to write can book tickets with voice only, the system will interact with you and respond you. It will be developed in 2 language as beta version in English & Hindi than it will expand in 25 languages of the world such as Afrikaans, Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish and Urdu later it may also increase. By this the people staying in rural areas they can easily do bookings and the old people who depends on children to book their tickets.

Amit Sharma World Record Holder

How to contact Mr. Amit Sharma?

You can do email: / or direct mobile no. +919818425715 (whatsapp too).

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