Bihar Temple Bhinda carries tons of Gold inside it without any security

A village in Vaishali District known as Madhurapur located in the state of Bihar in India. It is approx 20 km from Patna city which is capital of the Bihar. There is one temple located in the village of Madhurapur known as ‘Bhinda’ [Bhinda means in hindi is bhind this is a place which is known as small artificial mountain like place].

History of the Bhinda

Around 400 years back this place is the house of a King and at that time most of the rich kings located in the state of Bihar because it is in the middle of the India, Due to security purpose from outsiders, riches king prefers to stay in this place. At that time road connectivity was not good only rivers are the source of transportation for long distance and from this place (Bhinda) Ganga river only 200 meters far.

The king having no son and after several years the King has died. But this place having natural power no one can theft from this place who ever tried to theft from this place snakes bites that person. When British acquired India they tried to get all the Gold and other precious gems from this place but they also faced the same problem whenever they tried to touch the gold or any other gems that person got died.


Approx 7 to 10 tons of Gold available in this place and some other precious gems. Due to increase theft in this place villagers form a meeting and decided to cover this area and make a small artificial mountain and above that mountain they made a temple which is now known as Bhinda. Now on every Durga Puja very big puja (worship) organized in this place.

Natural Power of this Place

Definitely there is some natural power available in this place who still secured this place without any security. As per the villagers that king always do worship in very good manner and regularly by that thing this place got some natural power so that no one can theft a single gold coin from this place.

Scientists Opinion

Many scientist visiting this place to know about this place, scientists from different countries (Russia, Japan, China, US etc.) visiting this place. All scientists recognized this place as this place having tons of Gold and other gems. But due to artificial mountain and temple above the mountain no one can enters inside the kings house.

Location of the Bhinda

Location of the Bhinda is very calm and beautiful, it is on main road and in the entrance of the village Madhurapur, Just 200 meter far is Ganga River and banana plantation in the whole village it makes this place green and calm and not less than any tourist place.

Government Role

State Government is not in the favor to out that tons of gold and gems from Bhinda because all are aware of the adverse effect of that procedure, Government do not want to take such risk and secondly now temple above the Bhinda and now it is impossible for anyone to enters in the Bhinda. Many scientists wish to take permission to start digging the Bhinda and out its tons of Gold but Government refused those applications from scientists.

Local People Business and Work

Due to the banana plantation there is no scope of the other farming only few people do work in the banana plantation. This village is just opposite to Patna city but in floods this village is always safe, flood not coming to this village it is spreading in the Patna city. Generally local people working in other states e.g.: Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and in Foreign countries too but some people also working in Patna or nearby city.


Now this is a matter of concern whether all the gold or gems available in the Bhinda dig and out from it or just stable like current position. If Government will get such a big lot of gold millions of the cash will increase in the Reserve Bank of India which they can use in the other purpose. If they are not dig and out then in current situation there is no use of the gold or gems available in the Bhinda. Some temples available in the south India where Government have faced the same situation but in South India Government can’t dig and out because they have individual owners and residing in foreign countries so they need permission from those owners and they are not giving permission to the Government so in South Indian temples they can’t do that thing.

But in Madhurapur village there is no owner of Bhinda so by default Government is the owner of that property. If central Government, state Government and local villagers take some joint effort then they can get such a big lot of gold and gems. Many foreign scientists already put application for the digging of the Bhinda but Government refused to do that. But as per the current situation it is valuable item and can help the Government to use those funds in other Government projects.

Window display of jewelry shop

Villages demand if Government gives them 10% from the total amount and rest 90% will Government keep then they can allow Government for the digging and out the whole lot of gold and other gems available in the Bhinda. Government needs to take some steps if they want to acquire the tons of gold readily available and that gold is approx 500 years old so it is in pure form as per the villages beds and chairs also made of gold, many weapons made of gold, thousands of gold coins available and many other things are available. Japanese scientist very frequently coming to this place as this is very near from Patna so connectivity is also very good. Airport available in the Patna so there is no problem of connectivity.

Soon Government needs to take some steps if they want to increase its Government RBI revenue otherwise this is stable thing no one can touch and it is worthless so better use it.

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