Book Flight Ticket from and Win Renault Duster Car

Offer from if you will book your flight tickets you will get a chance to win Renault Duster car, this offer valid from 28th Dec 2016 to 31st January 2017. If you will book your ticket in this period you are eligible to win Renault Duster car. If you have booked 1 ticket then your 1 name and phone number put into the draw and if you have booked more tickets your name and number will be more in the lucky draw box. Example: If a person buy 2 tickets then we will put 2 names in the lucky draw. So we will put all the names in the draw and one lucky winner will get a Renault Duster Car.


If a person buy a flight ticket and in 1 ticket you have four passengers then we will ask the name of the 1 person from 4 passengers you will get a separate mail for that. If you have booked ticket between 28th December 2016 to 31st January 2017 and you journey date in 1st Feb onwards then you also eligible for that but the ticket booking date between 28th December 2016 to 31st January 2017 .

If you have booked your flight ticket and in any condition you want to cancel the ticket in this situation you are also eligible to win the car.

Fare chart of some routes are given below:


You can search and check the price the form is given below:

If you have any query write to:

Amit Sharma

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